Monday, July 24, 2017

Polarity & Gay Men

If our ancestors were right, and gay men were actually lucky in love, as I have said in previous posts, why are so many of us today so unlucky in love?

In modern gay male culture, sex is readily available.  Whether you find it on an internet porn site, you go on a "dating" app, or you go old school and hit up a bar or club.  Friendships are less easy to find, and, depending on how jaded you've become, you might be tempted to think that relationships are less available than a unicorn farting rainbows and glitter.

The old saying "energy follows thought" seems to apply here.  Whether relationships actually are a thing of myth and legend or we just think they are, the modern gay male preoccupation with this "lack mentality" around meaningful relationships isn't helping us navigate a way around the problem.  That said, it also doesn't help that our collective perception is validated and reinforced on a regular basis.

There is good news though!

Our ancestors were not wrong.  Gay men have always been (and still are) lucky in love.  The problem is that we have been disconnected from our spiritual roots, and, like a tree whose roots have rotted in the soil, we cannot survive without a healthy root system.  It is imperative that gay men reclaim their power as magical workers, not just for ourselves, individually, but collectively, as a community.

Within the canon of occult literature, there is some wonderful occult wisdom that can be used to help us do just that.  The first bit of wisdom stems from the Universal Law of Polarity.

Understandably, many gay men (especially magical gay men) rail against the concept of polarity, because it has been used against us as a weapon.  Too often polarity is used as a euphemism for heteronormativity.  However, it would be a mistake for us to maintain our aversion to this awesome and powerful concept.  When understood correctly, the Law of Polarity can be used to empower gay men.  It is actually the key to healing ourselves from this gaping wound so many of us experience around love.

Franz Bardon, along with many other wonderful occultists, talks about the concept of the magnetic and electric fluids.  For the record, fluid is probably a bad choice of wording for this concept, because what we are really talking about here are forces.  However, for better or worse, the occultists from Bardon's era chose to use the word fluid.  Don't let it trip you up.

According to Bardon, in his book Initiation into Hermetics, these fluids have the elements as their source.  The electric fluid originates from the Fire element, while the magnetic fluid has its origin in the Water element.  By gaining control of these two fluids/forces, Bardon assures us, that the magician can achieve everything in all spheres, regardless of whether he is dealing with the mental, astral, or material world.  The thing that our ancestors gave us (gay men) credit for was the very thing that Bardon is encouraging the magician to develop: the ability to balance and wield these two opposites.

For the record, we, as gay men, have not lost that ability.  If you want proof of that fact, just look at the modern Gay Male Community.  How many Gay men play with gender?  How many Gay men embrace (or even play up) their feminine sides?  The Drag Queen, the makeup artist, the twink, the fashion designer, the boy walking around with a murse (or man-bag), the club kid who mixes male and female fashion to create a unique image--the list goes on.

We have however lost the wisdom of how to use this ability to balance both polar opposites within ourselves to the full extent of its potential, but hope is not lost.  The information is still out there.  We only have to search for it, recognize it when we find it, and use it.

(Next time, we'll go into the second piece of occult wisdom that will help us heal this wound of the heart.)

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  1. As always Casey - your wisdom waters our roots - roots to grow more deeply into an awareness of the destructive nature of binary (opposites) thinking and being. In gratitude I bow! Love . . . Soul Dancer